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Creating a better world, one note at a time

Music For Unity Piano Arts Center Presents

Music For Unity Piano Arts Center Presents





Every little bit helps our mission

to promote music and bring musical education

to every child and adult in the world. Please donate today!








Envision a world where the joy of music is a part of everyone’s daily life. In this world, every person is eager to learn musical arts, and every teacher is a passionate and dedicated supporter of this desire in their students.


The leadership team of the MUSIC FOR UNITY Performing Arts Center strives to provide every possibility for the intellectual expansion and inner growth of every human being. We view music-making as an essential way to create bonds, dismantle all personal limitations, and erase boundaries. It has been scientifically proven that music education enhances academic success and helps develop focus and self-assurance that benefit children and adults alike throughout their lives.



Our Mission is to benefit our society by promoting music education, collaborating with public schools, community centers, and other organizations to provide artistically talented underprivileged children with opportunities to study and perform music.


We strive to provide our students of any ethnicity, financial ability, cultural background, age, skill level, or future professional goals with top-quality musical lessons for the purpose of opening up new possibilities for all participants.


MUSIC FOR UNITY’s mentors and students represent the entire spectrum of ethnic and cultural backgrounds as diversity is at the very core of our organization.


We create an environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of their nationality, material and social status, gender, sexual orientation, age, or previous musical experience. We provide not only access to musical studies but also a chance for the students to perform side by side with their mentors at concerts, and community outreach, and Gala events.


Music provides an enormous opportunity for the development of the creative skills of children and adults alike. In present times, when many distractions challenge such qualities as creative moods and teamwork, we find it of at most importance to be able to provide an atmosphere where everyone could be in the moment and in harmony with themselves and others.


Musical education offers that atmosphere. Our mission is to give an example of inner creative freedom, which gives rise to the fullness of life and becomes a source of happiness.




Shushana Hakobyan is an Armenian-American concert pianist and piano teacher with over 20 years of performing and teaching experience. She received her Ph.D. in Piano Performance from The Komitas State Conservatory in Yerevan, Armenia, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Collaborative Arts from the USC in Los Angeles.


Fortunate to have had excellent teachers starting at the age of six, Mrs. Hakobyan is passing her knowledge of classical piano technique to the members of her thriving piano studio. She loves building her younger students’ skills from the ground up, giving them a solid foundation for their future professional accomplishments or an ability to play piano for fun, whichever they chose. She is also eager to help those who want to advance previously acquired piano skills and guide them toward their new goals. Students of all ages and levels are welcome in her studio from beginners, starting at 3 years old to professionals. 


Mrs. Hakobyan and all teachers for the Piano Arts Center give online lessons in piano, music theory, and music history.




To schedule your consultation, please CONTACT MRS. HAKOBYAN


In September of 2020, Mrs. Hakobyan will be releasing her new book,

KEY TO THE KEYS Piano Method For Beginners Of All Ages

(find out more HERE)



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